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Our Equestrian Center prides itself on a variety of courses, geared towards every age, background and previous education. Take a look at the programs offered at Ridgeline Mounted Archers, and schedule your free trial lesson today!



Our ten week beginner course walks you through the basics of range safety, shooting form etc. and through the first foundations of training your horse for mounted archery. This course is designed for equestrians with trained horses. 



The intermediate course is for students who have completed the full beginner course or tested out. Intermediate students recieve instruction on more advanced positioning, as well as performing at the trot and navigating in an arena. Intermediate students are instructed in training their horses for higher level mounted archery incorporating dressage aspects into their training and emphasizing impulsion and correct movement.



Our archery horse course is an 8 week program for owners and their horses. This course provides the foundations of training for mounted archery including maintaining a consistent gait, moving off of leg pressure, and desensitization. This course is for horses who already have a good foundation of riding training and can comfortably walk, trot and canter under saddle. 

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