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Horse Archery: Why YOU Should Do It!

What's so special about horseback archery? Well aside from the fact it's shooting arrows off horseback! Beyond the initial thrill (and coolness factor!) of the art of Horse Archery, there are huge benefits to everyone from beginner riders to professional horsemen. People who do this activity get a sense of fulfillment, confidence boost and better physical health and wellbeing. It doesn't just benefit humans, though! Horse's get high level training, learn to balance and carry themselves and have a lot of fun! Ready to find out if horse archery is right for you? 

Here's why YOU someone who has never touched a horse or a bow should do horse archery. Horse archery will strengthen muscles in your body that will keep you healthy and active for a long time. You will train your hand eye coordination and balance. Plus you will get to make friends with other horse archers, archers and riders!

But maybe you're already a rider. Why should YOU do horse archery? Horse archery will improve your balance, use of aids and independant seat. While we make it look easy, horse archery requires a lot of strength and balance. Imagine holding your 2 point for up to 3 minutes while riding with dropped reins and turning your upper body like a swivel to shoot arrows!

Horse archery isn't just great for your body, it's great for your mental health too! Spending time around horses can decrease anxiety and boost your mood. And archery is a meditative sport that focuses on relaxation, and a positive internal dialogue. Doing horse archery you'll meet other people with similar interests! 

Horse archery doesn't only benefit humans either. Horses love it too! Horse archery teaches horses self carriage and balance. It increases their stamina and strength. It also teaches them to rely on leg and seat aids, and keep a steady canter rhythm. Horse archery is a great thing to add to your training and conditioning routine!

Horseback archery benefits anyone who tries it! Whether you're a novice, professional or a horse! (Any horses reading this?)  It will improve your skills, training, mental health and widen your social circles! Whether you practice once a month, or every day, you'll find horse archery worth the time. 

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