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Welcome to our organization! A place where you can be empowered, meet new friends, build partnerships with horses and practice the thrilling sport of horseback archery! 



Ridgeline Mounted Archers is an organization centered around the sport of Mounted Archery. One of only 3 clubs in Oregon, RMA offers opportunities to learn, compete and have fun! RMA is centered around equity.



Our organization offers many ways for folks to participate! Check out our services to learn all about instruction, our equine actors and our Mounted Archery club!



Empowered Through Archery

Mounted Archery instruction is the combination of both excellent horsemanship and skilled archery. Learners are instructed in safety, form, history and competitive elements of the sport. Instruction brings learners up through the basics of still mounted shooting to cantering through an open field hunt course.



Dive Right In

Mounted Archery Equitation is the foundation of riding for you and your horse. This is essential for success and safety in your Mounted Archery endevours. MAE focuses on balance, engagement, rhythm and partnership. As students advance through their sport they will learn jumping and reinless coursework that is required on more challenging Mounted Archery tracks. 



Hands-On Learning

Ridgeline Mounted Archers is dedicated to horsemanship and archery and as such we offer lessons in ground archery for folks who are not interested in riding. Ground Archery focuses on form, accuracy and safety. Ground archers are instructed in Olympic style archery.



Get Connected!

Our club is the hub for our mounted archers where they can participate in competitions, matches and tournaments. Our club meets twice a month to practice together. Club members have access to facilities and equipment during practice times and day passes. Club membership fees operate on a sliding scale. The club has multiple events throughout the year including a Christmas parade, a county fair course demonstration, competitions and clinics!



Ridgeline Equine Actors is a group of highly skilled individuals who perform in shows, photoshoots and films. Our actors and equines are skilled in bareback riding, mounted archery, mounted combat, weaponry, acting and modeling. Reach out to see our actors and equines resumes and headshots!



Exceeding Expectations

Virtual instruction is for people who may be in areas where there isn't available horsearchery instruction. Virtual instruction walks you through the basic ten lesson series going through the Mounted shot cycle, training your horse, how to set up your own range and choose the correct equipment. Virtual sessions are held over zoom and can be scheduled through our scheduling link!



Wellbeing and healing

Equine Assisted Activites focuses on the relationship built with the horse. The goal is to promote healing and wellbeing through interaction with equines. Participants are led through interaction with their equine partner gently with a mindful focus on the partnership and observation of the interaction. Participants will build a healthy and supportive relationship with their horse and learn the basics of horsemanship through the lense of wellbeing. Please reach out for application process or use the template below





Mystic is a part of our Ridgeline team. A registered Peruvian Paso, Mystic is a 5 gaited horse who is an Equine Actor, Archery Horse and gentle teacher for beginners. 


Harmony is a half arabian who has been doing Mounted Archery for 4 years. She loves nothing more than to gallop full speed down the track and she is a firey and passionate partner. Harmony has shown in three Mounted Archery demonstrations and participated in a nationally ranked competition.


Carey is our Mounted Archery and Ground Archery Instructor. Carey has been riding for ten years and practicing Mounted Archery for 4 years. They are a certified archery instructor through USA Archery and a (pending) Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship. Carey has performed in three demonstrations and participated in a nationally ranked Mounted Archery competition.


What’s Happening



We are excited to be hosting our first canter competition Run the Ridge on May 27-29 2022



1. Take it slow! Learning a new sport takes time, effort and patience! Even if you are an experienced equestrian or archer, give yourself the time you and your horse need to to feel completely confident with whatever level you're at before moving on.2. The horse is first. Mounted Archery is a team sport. Your horse is your team-mate and partner. Nothing should ever come at the expense of your horse. If they're not feeling ready, then your team isn't ready. Always keep your horse at the front of your mind in your practice, play and compeition. 3. Purchase the right equipment. Mounted Archery is a sport that uses unique equipment. Always research exactly what you need before purchasing anything, and make sure that the equipment fits you and your horse correctly, and is the right weight and length for your strength and size. Remember, it's better to pull light, than to pull too heavy and injure yourself. We also reccomend never to buy bows or arrows off Amazon. The quality lost is not worth the reduced price. 4. Practice practice practice! Mounted Archery is an involved sport! Make sure that you are practicing all of the aspects regularly. This includes Mounted Archery Equitation, where you focus on you and your horse communicating and having good form, balance and aids. Ground Archery, where you practice your archery form, strengthening and practicing moving shots. And of course Mounted Archery where you and your horse work together to complete excellent runs together and have fun!5. Get involved! Mounted Archery is the fastest growing equestrian sport! As such there are ever growing opportunities to engage with the Mounted Archery community. Join compeitions, clubs, participate in demonstrations and have fun meeting other archers and horses!6. Join the Mounted Archery Association of the Americas (MA3.) MA3 is the American representative for the International Horse Archery Alliance. Joining MA3 gives you access to all MA3 clubs in the entire US and it gives you access to local, national and international competitions including the World Championships of Mounted Archery! 7. Practice other sports too! Practicing other sports with your horse like dressage, reining, eventing, polo etc. gives you and your horse a chance to spend time together and grow as a team as well as learn wonderful skills that will apply to your Mounted Archery and meet fellow equestrians to help you on your journey! It's also good to note that many sports have aspects that are represented in Mounted Archery, like the 50 cm jumps on Polish and Hunt tracks!8. Be safe! Safety is the number one most important thing. Following safety rules will protect you, your horse and any bystanders from serious or even life threatening accidents. Remember to follow all safety rules and think about an action's potential harm before you do it. Always ride in the correct attire and equipment in good condition. Never shoot in the direction of people or animals. And remember to only pull arrows one person at a time! It's always a good idea to check equipment for damage before using it, and to become familiar with ground archery rules through USA Archery and ALL Mounted Archery rules through MA3.9. Be aware of potentially harmful groups and organizations. When joining a new club always check to see that safety is the priority. A few red flags could include: Not enforcing safety rules, such as two people pulling arrows at once.Riding horses that are lame or in poor condition.It can even be a red flag for a club not to be affiliated with an overarching organizations. Orginizations like MA3 and Horse Archery USA exist to protect and govern activities to keep participants safe. If a club is not affiliated, it's always a good idea to ask yourself why.Other important points;Does the organization have a nondiscrimination policy? Do they enforce safe, proffesional boundaries between adult participants and minors? Do they consume alcohol or illicit substances during practices or events? Always make sure that you and your horse are safe both physically, mentally and emotionally.10. Have fun! Mounted Archery is a very fun sport! There is nothing more thrilling than the freedom of galloping with your horse and shooting arrows! Mounted Archery is empowering and full of wonderful people who care about their horses, each other and the sport! Always focus on that wonderful feeling and having a good time with your team-mate and friend, your horse. 



Ridgeline Mounted Archers is proud to host events, demonstrations and appearances throughout the year! We appear in the Springfield Annual Christmas parade, and host our own Annual Ridgeline Renaissance Faire! Other events include our demonstration at the Lane County Faire, our fall Mounted Archery Schooling Show, clinics and competitions! Check out our Facebook page to stay updated on events!



Ridgeline Mounted Archers has a strict Non Discrimination Policy that prohibits discrimination, exclusion, harrasment and other harmful treatment against anyone due to their race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, mental illness or other health condition. 



Registration link! https://surveyheart.com/form/61bc25a97f58293ce415657c
The Iron Warrior Challenge is a seven task challenge running all of 2022. This is a highly demanding test of endurance, training, strength, and skill. The rider and horse must compete together. Proof of completion of each task must be sent before December 21, 2022. The tasks must be completed by one archer and one horse. 
1. Pass dressage level 1, test 1. (Riders must pass through introductory levels, and training levels) Complete a 2'3 jumping course clean. The horse must not nock any of the jumps.3. Complete a 13.1 mile trail ride 4. Complete the tower track in 12 seconds and hit each target.The archer must

5. Run a 5k in 45 minutes6. Hit a bullseye at 20 meters7. Load and release 4 arrows in ten seconds(quiver or in hand)- each arrow must hit the target( regulation 31")This challenge is designed to be extremely difficult and versatile. It demands that the rider and horse be dedicated to versatility and strength. Not many teams will complete the challenge. Teams that do complete will recieve a trophy, a set of medals, and a certificate of completion. All participants will recieve a medal of participation at the closing date of the challenge on December 21, 2022. Opening date for registration is December 21, 2021 and closing date is March 21, 2022. 

The horse and rider must remain the same through the challenges. The archer must use a horse archery legal bow for all the shooting challenges. The dressage test must be judged by a certified dressage judge at a schooling show or competition. The jumping task must be judged by a qualified judge and must be completed at schooling show or competitionProof of completion must be submitted in the form of signed documents such as judges sheets, statements of completion signed by the participant and two witnesses, score sheet signed by a track marshalLength and time for the trail ride and the 5k must be provable and exact.Proof of the speed shooting must come in video form. Proofs must be sent to ridgelinemountedarchers@gmail.com 
Good luck!

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If you want to learn more about us, Mounted Archery or our Equine Actors you can text, email, call or reach out to us on social media! We are on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok!


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