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The art of mounted archery with the horse at the center and safety first

Welcome to the Ridgeline Mounted Archers! Now offering lessons ALL OVER THE STATE OF OREGON! A place where you can be empowered, meet new friends, build partnerships with horses and practice the thrilling sport of horseback archery! We are so glad you found us! 


Ridgeline Mounted Archers is an organization centered around the sport of Mounted Archery. The only mounted archery school in Oregon, RMA offers opportunities to learn, compete and have fun at our facility in Eugene, and all over the state of Oregon!



Our organization offers many ways for folks to participate! Check out our services to learn all about instruction, our equine actors and our Mounted Archery club!



Mounted Archery instruction is the combination of both excellent horsemanship and skilled archery. Learners are instructed in safety, form, history and competitive elements of the sport. Instruction brings learners up through the basics of still mounted shooting to cantering through an open field hunt course. Offered for in house or travel training. 


Mounted Archery Equitation is the foundation of riding for you and your horse. This is essential for success and safety in your Mounted Archery endevours. MAE focuses on balance, engagement, rhythm and partnership. As students advance through their sport they will learn jumping and reinless coursework that is required on more challenging Mounted Archery tracks. 


Ridgeline Mounted Archers is dedicated to horsemanship and archery and as such we offer lessons in ground archery for folks who are not interested in riding. Ground Archery focuses on form, accuracy and safety. Ground archers are instructed in Olympic style archery. Ground archery is for ages 7 and up.


Ridgeline Equine Actors is a group of highly skilled individuals who perform in shows, photoshoots and films. Our actors and equines are skilled in bareback riding, mounted archery, mounted combat, weaponry, acting and modeling. Reach out to see our actors and equines resumes and headshots!


Equine Assisted Activites focuses on the relationship built with the horse. The goal is to promote healing and wellbeing through interaction with equines. Participants are led through interaction with their equine partner gently with a mindful focus on the partnership and observation of the interaction. Participants will build a healthy and supportive relationship with their horse and learn the basics of horsemanship through the lense of wellbeing. Please reach out for application process or use the template below



We offer beginner through advanced riding lessons in multiple disciplines, including in English disciplines, gaited work and Western disciplines. Some horses are available for half lease to students. To learn more about riding lesson, or inquire about half leases, please fill out the contact form. 



We are dedicated to safety at Ridgeline. Lessons begin with learning archery and riding seperately. All Ridgeline students wear a fitting STMI riding helmet while riding, and proper riding pants and boots. Lessons begin with learning archery and mounted archery equitation seperately as students work towards passing two skill tests to advance to riding and shooting. We use many tools to ensure safety and teach the skill necesarry to execute mounted archery safely, including balance lessons and hand eye coordination games. Check out the section on Training Levels to learn more about how we advance students through their learning. 


Travel Lessons

Mounted Archery is a fun and fulfilling activity and we believe everyone should have access to it! That's why we are offering travel lessons within the State of Oregon so anyone with the desire to learn can have the opportunity! For more information about travel lessons, please fill out the contact form!



We provide in house and haul in training for aspiring archery horses and riding horses. Our training methods are scientifically backed and effective for creating happy, confident and responsive equine partners. To enquire about training for your horse, please fill out the contact form. 





Mystic is a 5 gaited Peruvian Paso. She is 10 years old and very sweet. Mystic works with our beginner riders to help them build confidence and balance. Just like all of our horses, Mystic also does Equine Assisted Activities; helping to build relationships, lower stress, learn new skills and build confidence. Mystic is also a model and actor and is featured in the music video Golden by the TurnBack Boys. Mystic is available for in-barn partial lease. To book a lesson, activity, or modeling/acting with Mystic, or to inquire about half lease, please fill out the contact form. 


Harmony is a 13 year old Arabian who has been doing Mounted Archery for 6 years. She is a sweet and sensistive horse who loves to please. Harmony has shown in many Mounted Archery demonstrations and participated in nationally ranked competition. Harmony is an all around talented lady, and does hunter/jumpers, dressage, and has even been in a clinic with an Olympic rider! She has been featured in high fashion and lifestyle photoshoots and is part of our equine actors program. Harmony is available for in-barn partial lease to intermediate students. To enquire about a lease, book a session or learn about our equine actors please fill our the contact form. 


Carey is our Head Instructor. Carey has ten years of experience riding and training horses and started archery in 2010. Carey is Level 2 Certified USA archery, Certified USA Archery Instructor Trainer, a Certified Judge with the International Horseback Archery Alliance and a registered Track Marshall with the Mounted Archery Association of the America's. Carey practices many riding disciplines including hunter/jumpers, dressage, mounted archery, trail riding and livestock herding. Carey specializes in teaching many versatile styles of riding and archery including traditional and Olympic styles.

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Celeste is a Mustang from the Warm Springs Reservation herd. She works only with a select few of our advanced students. Celeste is a young and talented horse with a big, fun personality! She is our instructor Carey's main competition horse! Watch for her in upcoming shows and competitions. 


Kaela is an excellent horse archer who's been practicing since 2021, and is a member of the Guild of Mounted Archers. She is a GMA Training Level 2 Mounted Archer, and is part of our teacher mentorship program. Kaela also has a Bachelors Degree in Biology from George Fox University. 

Twilight is our up-and-coming lesson horse in training! She is Celeste's cousin from the Warm Spring Reservation and has the sweetest, most mellow personality! She loves getting cuddles and pets and will start joining the rest of our team for fun outings this summer!


Open Positions

Our current open positions is for a part time as needed stable hand. This person is responsible for picking up shifts for caring for our horses.Job requirements: At least 2 years direct experience working with horsesAbility to work in poor weather conditions Basic knowledge of equine illnesses and injuriesAbility to lift at least 50lb ans be on your feetReliable transportationAble to drive a zero turn small tractor and back a manure trailer
Responsibilities:Clean stalls with tractor and trailerScrub and refill waterbucketsFill 4 haynetsFeed horses grain and supplementsFeed, refill waters and clean enclosures for various farm animals including:BunniesDucksChickensSheepLivestock dog

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.


What’s Happening



Ridgeline Mounted Archers is proud to host events, demonstrations and appearances throughout the year! We appear in the Springfield Annual Christmas parade, and host our own Annual Ridgeline Renaissance Faire! Other events include our demonstration at the Lane County Faire, our fall Mounted Archery Schooling Show, clinics and competitions! Check out our Facebook page to stay updated on events!



Ridgeline Mounted Archers has a strict Non Discrimination Policy that prohibits discrimination, exclusion, harrasment and other harmful treatment against anyone due to their race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, mental illness or other health condition. 

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